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2020 And Away We Go

I've attached this image for anyone wondering what i look like or if I ever reached puberty.

Well, to say we are starting off the new year in any way different would be an outright lie.

I would like to officially ask that you all (y'all for my southern friends) disregard any and all previous posts on this blog. I am starting anew and fresh, and if not already deleted or set to private simply pretend as if any blog entry prior to this one never existed.


Wow, its 2020!

I spent the majority of the past decade avoiding the idea that this year would ever actually happen.

And be honest, aside from listening to JT's 2020 album ironically and dressing like we are in the "Roaring 20's" to a posh NYE party, there is a lot of stress with the beginning of this year.

I mean obviously there is an exorbitant amount of excitement, the changes in fashion, music and culture are supposedly going to erupt and shift in unparalleled ways. But there is also the looming idea that all my textbooks in grade-school listed 2020 as the start of the worst climate changes we will have seen since in the past three centuries.

I'm not all too certain as to how you grew up, but for me life was very strategically planned out from a young age. I knew by the age of 8 that I would graduate from University/College in the class of 2020 (assuming all went to plan) and later that year (this year, lord help me) I would begin life as a real bonifyed adult.

A free fish in the pond of the corporate America that had infinite potential and limited funds in his bank account.

And there was always something really cool about the idea that I would start a major chapter in my life, adulthood, along with the turn of the century. It has a romantic and epic feel about it. Like the class of 2020 was always meant to do great things as they emerge into their perspective ponds of society.

So here I am, 22 in the year 2020. Things are not quite what I had planned for when I was 8 years old. In many ways they are so much better.

This past spring I traveled to France to study abroad in Provonce, in a small village called Lacoste.

Then over the summer my job working for the Cincinnati Film Commission led me to an incredible job working on a Netflix original series that I can't talk about yet (Don't worry, when it airs I'll be talking all about it and my experience).

And now after nearly a year away from home I am finally back in Savannah GA, taking regular classes at SCAD and loving my last year with all my college friends.

To be clear, this blog is not going to be cohesive. It is not always going to be grammatically correct and at times riddled with spelling errors.

It's a learning curve for me.

There might be days where I write for hours, and others where it is nothing more than a few sentences.

I've truly wanted to start this blog properly for almost a decade, so I might as well give it another shot now.

Follow along for stories of my misadventures, work in the art world, upcoming projects, foods I indulge in, and maybe romance.

For now,

Love and Good Sleep,

Liam Graham.

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