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A Glance At Japan

This is a series of images, I can not express in them alone my love for the country of Japan.

​ This was my second favorite assignment while in Hog Kong. The task was to create an editorial for a travel magazine or attempt to convey a story through images. I chose MILK magazine as my inspiration for its minimalist design features and its clean cropping. It doubles as a travel and lifestyle magazine with that is expertly curated and full of inspiration.

I took these images while in Tokyo and Kyoto Japan over the past weekend. I actually had these due the day after my plane landed so I took the MTR strait from the airport to my campus in Sham Shue Po to get these edited and printed. ​​

For this series I wanted to capture Japan neighborhoods in the early hours. When the sun is creeping over the horizon and the world is waking up. All is still and silent and soft, covered in a fresh sheet of dew that makes the air crisp and clean. So here are the images I selected from my travels in Japan taken before noon with the date, location and a caption.

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